Most retailers offer their product at inflated prices in order to create so-called “sale” prices. Diamond Outlet’s regular everyday low pricing enables the consumer to experience excellent prices without having to wait for a “sale” somewhere else.

Diamond Outlet’s philosophy is to only purchase the highest quality product at the best prices for cash. We pass along those savings on to our customers. We work on a lower mark-up structure and this, along with our better purchasing methods, allows for maximum savings when you make a purchase at Diamond Outlet.

We are not located in a mall or strip center where most jewelry stores are located. These require that you conform to extended operating hours. When compared to our hours, this adds 40% more man hours every week, which equates to 140 additional salaried days each year (salaries represent a large % of overhead cost). We do not pay high rents and added fees based on overall sales that malls and strip centers might charge the retailer. Also, Diamond Outlet does not participate in traditional forms of advertising which has a major impact on overhead costs. Again, we do this to be able to offer excellent quality merchandise at competitive prices to you, our valued customer.

Diamond Outlet passes the savings of having non-commissioned employees on to our customer. This also insures that the type of service you receive will not change based on the amount of your purchase.