Star 129 Diamond

Imagine a Diamond that’s like the brightest star in the sky. A diamond that reveals the perfect combination of brilliance, sparkle and dancing light. The Star 129 Diamond has 129 superbly-cut facets, illuminated at every angle. Previously, even the finest of cuts had only 58 facets. The Star 129 Diamond has a radiant difference you can see immediately.

Enchanting the eye…Delighting the senses in a Celebration of Pure Brilliance. Let us show you the Star 129 difference at Diamond Outlet. Then you’ll know you really can find perfection…

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GUARANTEES: All Star129 solitaires are guaranteed to be graded VH+ for scintillation on the Gemex light performance certificate. All Star129 diamonds are guaranteed to be purchased back at 70% of the purchase price provided the stone is in salable condition.

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