Bob Forster writes 2nd letter to Jeff Hill at TN Attorney General’s office



Date: March 1, 2016 at 2:56:31 PM CST
To: Jeff Hill
Cc: Helen Forster
Subject: Genesis EGL International Diamond Certs 

Dear Jeff,

I hope you and your family are doing well.  I just want to update you on our continuing efforts regarding the EGL International Certification issue. In an effort to make consumers aware of the seriousness of this issue my wife and I have incorporated information about EGL International Certs on our store website ( in the form of a timeline.  All of our store’s bathroom advertising (Indoor Graffiti) and all of our seasonal (Christmas and Valentine’s Day) radio ad campaigns dating back to 2011 have incorporated EGL International information as well.  We also maintain a full showcase in Diamond Outlet with the diamonds we purchased from Genesis and all the certifications (EGL International and US Certs) which were documented in the information we provided your office back in 2013.

As a result of our wholesale business I travel to independent jewelry stores across the country.  In all my travels, Genesis Diamonds was by far and away the worst culprit in two different ways involving EGL International Foreign Certs:

  1. Genesis’ fraudulent claims and advertising statements are the most egregious that I witnessed in any of the stores I came across.
  1. The EGL International Certs provided by Genesis had the greatest discrepancy between EGL International grading and USA standards.

We have never sued anyone regarding this issue and do not advocate consumers sue as a first option.  In other industries where there is evidence of a faulty or misleading product the consumers are notified. We believe that anyone who purchased a diamond with an EGL International Foreign Cert at Genesis deserves the right to be notified that they may be a victim of this fraud.

We feel we have exhausted all our options to notify consumers and are reaching out to you again in hopes that your office will take action on this issue. Thank you for your consideration in regards to this matter.


Bob Forster

Please see attachments below of the most recent news articles and our (Diamond Outlet’s) efforts involving this subject.

Diamond Wars Timeline:

What to do if you bought a diamond with an EGL International cert:

Diamond Outlet – November 2015 – :60 Radio – Bob – Q&A

Interviewer:  I’m here with Bob Forster from Diamond Outlet…Bob, you led the campaign exposing the use of fraudulent foreign certs to sell diamonds. Even though these practices have been stopped, why is it still important to consumers?

Bob:  It’s kind of like the recent news about the car industry. The company was intentionally – and fraudulently – misrepresenting established industry standards to mislead people. It’s great that the truth came out and put a stop to these practices…but what if someone had already purchased one?

If someone realizes they bought a diamond with an EGL International foreign cert, they should take it back to the store where they purchased it. If the store refuses, contact a lawyer and notify the State’s Attorney General. They’re well aware of the problem. See the “Diamond Wars” timeline at Diamond Outlet dot com…it will be very helpful to your attorney when preparing your case.

In our 33 plus years in business, Diamond Outlet has never sold a diamond with foreign certification. We’re glad the truth has come out, but we want to make sure that people know what to do if they’ve been taken advantage of while the fraud was still taking place.

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