Bob’s follow up text to Boaz – 1

It was good to hear you share that you felt this experience had made you a better person because I feel that the whole ordeal has done the same for me. When my wife & I moved our family from Manhattan to Nashville in 1996 to take over Diamond Outlet we never envisioned being involved with an issue like EGL Israel certs. I was glad to hear that we both agree that these certs being off the market is good for everybody. I was also glad to hear that you are willing to let customers who have purchased diamonds with EGL Israel certs from your store exchange them. My focus has & continues to be the uninformed consumer who purchased diamonds with misleading  EGL Israel certs. I have never had any other issue with your business & now that these certs are off the market there is no reason for there to be any issues going forward. My concern going forward is that unsuspecting consumers who purchased EGL Israel certed diamonds in the past thinking they were getting a good deal don’t understand how misleading these certs were and they need to see the information we have put together to simplify the confusion & complexities of inflated grading so they can understand why these certs were so bad. I will call you when I get back in town so we can discuss these concerns.